November 8, 2021

February 7, 2022

Startup Zero 2.0

In this report, we update our initial analysis of UK’s CleanTech sector.

While our initial report, Startup Zero, highlighted the central role startups can play in making the NZIP funding envelopes most impactful, Startup Zero 2.0 reflects on the key verticals with exciting opportunities for CleanTech innovation. We explain the challenges and opportunities for net zero startup growth in each of these areas along with case studies of what climate action could look like. After identifying the gaps common to each of these areas, we make recommendations to the UK Government on what is needed to realise the UK’s climate ambitions.

In this report we:

  • Highlight why health and social care, procurement, defence, space and geospatial along with transportation and local infrastructure present exciting opportunities for CleanTech in the UK;
  • Evaluate the challenges and role of tech solutions in the above verticals;
  • Analyse UK contract data to understand how many contracts require sustainability reporting and measuring;
  • Identify gaps inhibiting the UK’s climate ambitions;
  • Propose recommendations to Government to address the above gaps.


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