May 11, 2021

February 7, 2022

Startup Zero

The UK government has made a clear and bold commitment to use technology to deliver on its NetZero promise

In March 2021, the UK Government announced the unveiling of the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) – a collection of ten areas where £1b of R&D investment has been pledged to develop green technologies, including growth funding for startups and scale-ups.

PUBLIC has authored this report highlighting the central role startups can play in making the NZIP funding envelopes most impactful, and developing the green technologies needed to tackle climate change. We also made key recommendations to help the Government realise this opportunity. These strategies were developed having hosted two roundtable discussions with energy leaders and decision-makers in early-2021. One hosted by Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, and one by the UK’s NetZero Business Champion, Andrew Griffith.

In our report ‘Startup Zero’ we highlighted:

  • The key trends, funding packages and technologies emerging in each of the ten priority areas of the NetZero Innovation Portfolio.
  • The startups in each priority area leading the charge towards NetZero.
  • A detailed review of the funding maturity of the top 150 green technology startups in the UK, identifying £823m in total funding between them, as well as areas of capital shortfall.
  • An in-depth ranking of the overall maturity of each of the 10 NZIIP priority areas, including their funding landscapes and technological development.
  • Ten recommendations to Government for powering NetZero startup growth, and enabling innovators to drive success in the NZIP priority areas.


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