June 14, 2022

May 24, 2023

PUBLIC announces 47 startups selected for new GovStart programme

Today PUBLIC’s latest edition of GovStart onboards its largest cohort of startups from across the GovTech sector to the first free and interactive community & engagement platform helping companies transform the public sector.

We are excited to announce the successful startups taking part in our latest GovStart cohort. These 47 companies were selected from 182 applications from across a number of areas within the GovTech sector. 34 startups have been selected to take part in the London based cohort with solutions spanning Health and Social Care; Education, Transport & Justice; Privacy, Security & Online Safety; Climate; and Business Systems.

13 companies have been selected to take part in the Berlin based cohort with solutions within Education; Digital Identity and Security; Administration; Artificial Intelligence; Smart Cities and CivTech.

Announced in April, PUBLIC’s new GovStart programme is a community and engagement platform designed to provide startups with the vital knowledge and network needed to successfully scale across the public sector. 

The selected startups will embark on a six month programme to gain a deep understanding of the public sector where they will be provided with access to the community platform, growth advice, peer-to-peer support, comprehensive learning content, and networking opportunities. Participating companies in London and Berlin will learn how to work with, and sell to, the public sector whilst also gaining exposure to relevant public sector decision-makers and industry experts.

​​Daniel Korski, CEO and Co-Founder of PUBLIC said

After four successful years of GovStart we are excited to onboard a record number of innovative GovTech companies onto our new community and engagement platform. Startups have always been integral to our mission to transform public services so this year we’re delighted to be able to take on a larger and more diverse cohort of startups to take part in our programmes in London and Berlin.


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